Terms of Usage—Website

For the website, standard terms and conditions and copyrights apply. It is ok if you want to use an image from www.lingographics.com on your website provided that you also add a link close to the image linking to the page at www.lingographics.com where you downloaded the image and that the image isn’t of bigger resolution than 1000 x 1000 px.

Terms of Usage—Images and PDFs (Lingographics)

  • You can use any file you purchase or download for free from this website used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes
  • You can print files as many times as you like provided that you don’t charge for copies
  • You may not use products, files or part of them to promote a business
  • You may not share any file online—please share links to download directed to a page on www.lingographics.com

Examples of Allowed Use:

  • OK: Print a file for your students when you teach a course
  • OK: Make a print on a T-shirt for your personal use

Examples of Forbidden Use:

  • NOT OK: *Purchase/download a file, print it on t-shirts and sell them
  • NOT OK: *Use a file in an ad for your language school
  • NOT OK: *Share files from lingographics.com on your website (with the exception of image files under 1000 x 1000 px with a link—see the Terms of Usage—Website section)

If you’re unsure about whether your intended use will be in compliance with these Terms of Usage, please contact us.