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  • Japanese hiragana & katakana chart

Japanese Hiragana and Katakana Chart / Cheat Sheet (Side by Side)

Simple cheat sheet with hiragana and katakana characters next to each other

Japanese Katakana Chart

Katakana chart with romanization and pronunciation in the International Phonetic Alphabet

Hieratic + Hieroglyphs Uniliteral Signs

Egyptian hieratic uniliteral signs next to their counterparts in monumental hieroglyphs
  • Japanese days of the week in kanji and hiragana

Japanese Days of the Week

Days of the week in Japanese—includes days in hiragana and kanji (including stroke orders), and English translation
  • Germanic languages of today

Modern Germanic Languages

Germanic languages of today and their classification. Also includes a list of the most used ones and a map showing where Germanic languages are spoken.
  • Japanese hiragana chart

Hiragana Chart

Cheat sheet for practicing hiragana with pronunciation in IPA and standard romanization